Underwater  photo and video in Bali

Underwater photo and video in Bali, workshop, class, safaris around Bali,

We can help you with your underwater imaging needs .

You can enjoy day trips in Amed and Tulamben .

We also offer workshops to improve your photo and video skills .

If you want to see it all, we can organize safaris around Bali .

undeerwater photo and video .  Jérôme underwater videographer offers day trips to Tulamben and Amed, underwater photo and video workshops as well as diving safaris around Bali.

Diving with Plouf Diving: Amed, Tulamben

Plouf Diving is a small instructor trainer dive center SSI .

We are located in Jemeluk Bay in Amed Bali. We organize many dives in Amed where you can enjoy "muck" dives.

If you prefer the pleasant drop-offs we can also use the jukungs (traditional Balinese boats) and drift safely.

Diving in Tulamben is also possible.

USAT Liberty but also some of the best "muck" dives in the world. We offer perfect service for underwater photographers and videographers.

You can have your private guide so you can focus on taking good photos. Night diving is incredible in this area, so if you are ready, we will make it unforgettable.

Night diving is incredible in this area, so if you are ready, we will make it unforgettable.

For underwater photo and video we can provide private spotters to make sure you never miss anything .

Dive hassle free and worry only about your next photo or video clip .




Logo plouf diving bali . Diving in Amed, Tulamben and around Bali

Photo and video workshops

You want to start taking photos or making underwater videos but you don't know how.

Photo is a hobby you want to improve.

The workshops are for you ...

We offer underwater photo and video courses to improve your skills underwater and on land.

We will work on video editing applications or photo corrections.

The workshops last at least 2 days for the photo and 3 days for the video.

During your dives, you will have your private guide to allow you to focus on your shots.

The workshops can be private or in groups (4 people max).

 Diving Amed Tulamben. Diver at the USAT Liberty site in Tulamben. Surely the most beautiful wreck in Bali. A paradise for underwater photographers.

Diving Amed Tulamben Antennnaire, Antennariidae yawning at Tulamben. Toadfish is one of the species often encountered while scuba diving in Tulamben and Amed. It is a favorite subject for underwater photographers and videographers.

Diving Safari

Underwater photo and video in Bali, Amed, Tulamben, the south, West Bali we're here for you .

You want to see everything,

We organize tailor-made diving safaris around Bali.

We can help you with transfers, hotel, dives and everything to make your visit to Bali the best possible.