Diving Japanese wreck

Diving Japanese wreckDepth : 0 à 60 MCurrent : weak to strongDifficulty : For experienced diversType : Shore dive Diving Japanese wreckJapanese Wreck is a site located in Banyuning a small village after Amed.If you already visited  the USAT Liberty in Tulamben you’ll find this ship kind of small .But on this site it is […]

Diving Gili Selang East Bali

Diving Gili SelangDepth : 0 à 50 MCurrent : mild to very strongDifficulty : For experienced diversType : Drift dive Diving Gili SelangGili Selang is the name of the island on the extreme est part of bali.The water entry is made near the island and amazes us from the very first minnuts of the dive.The […]

Diving Jalan Melasti

Diving Jalan MelastiDepth : 0 à 30 MCurrent : low to midDifficulty : easyType : shore muck Diving Jalan MelastiThis dive is named after the road at the entrance of Amed.This dive is recommended as a night dive.There are some rocks in te shallow part followed by a gentle black sand slope.On a couple of […]

Diving Amed secret

Diving Amed secretDepth : 0 à 30 mCurrent : lowDifficult y : EasyType : Muck  Diving Amed secretThis site is located at about 500 meters of the center at the mouth of a river.The settlings that came from the river during the rainy season become a loam for a large number of quite rare species.A […]

Diving Bunutan

Diving BunutanDepth : 0 to 40 MCurrent : low to strongDifficulty : for experienced diversType : boat drift Diving BunutanThis dive site is named after the village that edges Amed.Beautiful drift dive that can contain many gorgeous surprises.Depending on the tide the current can be very strong and allow the divers travel a long distance without […]

Diving Amed wall

Diving Amed wallDepth : 0 to 50 MCurrent : low to midDifficulty : easyType : boat drift Diving Amed wallThis dive site is obviously named after the drop off located on the side of Jemeluk in Amed.This drop off quickly goes down to 50 meters or more and lets us admire beautiful gorgons as well […]

Diving Pyramid

Diving PyramidDepth 0 to 40 MCurrent : low to midDifficulty : easyType : boat drift  Diving PyramidThis dive site is named after the fifty pyramids that have been immersed on it.Very nice drift dive in which you can see a large number of underwater species.It starts by garden eels followed by multiple blue spotted stingrays, […]

Diving Jemeluk bay

Diving Jemeluk bayDepth : 0 à 32 mCurrent : very lowDifficulty : very easyType : Shore dive Diving Jemeluk bayLocated in the middle of Amed this bay is famous for its sunset but also for its dive site.One of the best place to start a training or enjoy the underwater creatures.A gentle sand slope with some nice surprises such as seasonal […]