Diving Batu Niti

Diving Batu NitiDepth : 0 à 40 MCurrent : lowDifficulty : EasyType : Shore muck dive Diving Batu NitiThis site is next to the famous Seraya.The path leading to it is kind of chaotic but the dive is worth the travel.It starts with some black rocks scattered on the ground followed by a sand slope.The […]

Diving Segara

Diving SegaraDepth : 0 à 40 MCurrent : lowDifficulty : EasyType : Shore muck dive Diving SegaraSegara is a site located a few kilometers before Tulamen’s wreck if you come from Amed.The access is by the beach near an Hindu temple.On the left we can enjoy a nice drop off that easily goes down to […]

Diving Coral Garden

Diving Coral GardenDepth : 0 à 40 MCurrent :lowDifficulty : EasyType : Shore muck dive Diving Coral GardenTulamben’s Coral Garden is located not far of the USAT’s wreck.Some metallic structures have been set to  allow the juvenile fish and corals to grow.The relief is a gentle sand slope that goes down to about 40 meters […]

Diving Tulamben Drop off

Diving Tulamben Drop offDepth : 0 à 50 MCurrent : lowDifficulty : EasyType : Shore drop-off Diving Tulamben Drop offThe Tulamben Drop off is reachable by the beach or by boat if you want a drift dive.This site is about 500 meter away from the Liberty wreck.The dive starts with a slope of black sand […]

Diving Seraya secret Tulamben

Diving Seraya secret Depth : 0 à 40 M Current : Low to mid Difficulty : Easy Type : Muck Diving Seraya secret Tulamben The dive is named after the beach where we start this beautiful muck dive. It was used to be called Seraya Secret but the name shortened with the arrival of divers from […]

Diving USAT Liberty

Diving USAT Liberty Depth : 0 à 40 M Current : low to mid Difficulty : average Type : Shore wreck Diving USAT Liberty The wreck of the USAT has a long story. This US Navy frighter has been sunk near Lombok in 1941 by the Japanese but it arrived to Tulamben where it ran aground. […]