Deep diving speciality

Deep diving speciality

Diving in very low traffic areas, going to see a school of sharks below 30 meters, discovering a wreck situated beyond the 30 meters depth .

To do those dives and enjoy it safely you will need the knowledge and skills that deep diving speciality gives you .

Deep diving speciality course :

The course will be in two parts .

First the theory .

Using the digital materiel you will study at your pace . Then when you are ready we will do an academic session together .

To validate your training you will pass a small multiple choice exam .

Then the dives .

We will do four deep dives together . Two below 21 and two below 30 to improve your confort .

You will enjoy deep dives in the Tulamben, Amed area and get a lifetime certification at the same time .

Learn more about it on the SSI website

Deep diving speciality

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