Diving Bunutan

Diving Bunutan

Depth : 0 to 40 M

Current : low to strong

Difficulty : for experienced divers

Type : boat drift

Diving Bunutan

Diving Bunutan

This dive site is named after the village that edges Amed.

Beautiful drift dive that can contain many gorgeous surprises.

Depending on the tide the current can be very strong and allow the divers travel a long distance without doing too much effort.

At the beginning of the dive we arrive on a field of eels, then come hundreds of blue triggerfish,  some pygmy seahorses and a large variety of colourful fish.

The corals are healthy and the giant baril sponges set the start of the dive.

Then it is turtles', barracudas' and even with tip sharks' time to satisfy us.

The end of te dive is on a coral garden where we can enjoy the landscape during the safety stop.

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