Jérôme Renaud-Goud UW videographer

Jérôme Renaud-Goud UW videographer

Hello, My name is Jérôme Renaud-Goud I was born in Chambery in Savoie.

I discovered scuba diving in New Caledonia thirty years ago and it was immediately a revelation.

After ten years working as a chef and then a restaurant owner in the United States, I decided to return to New Caledonia.

I had the chance to take a year training in scuba diving to become N4 FSESSM, then PADI monitor and discover a passion for photography and underwater video.

Three years later and a good thousand dives later, I'm gone for 3 years to Nha Trang in Vietnam.

I am currently living in Amed, Bali, Indonesia. I hold a small club PLOUF DIVING BALI. We are Instructor trainer dive center and train students up to monitor level.

Here I enjoy the incredible marine biodiversity. Diving "muck dive" near the club as well as in Tulamben, drop offs, liberty wreck, Mantas and mola-molas in the south.

From January to April I will be in the Philippines to see, fox sharks, whale sharks, turtles as well as multiple species of macro diving sites.

I started a Youtube channel in 2018 and publish weekly videos.

Musical videos, photo and video tutorials are on the program.

I organize SAFARIS DIVING AROUND BALI (3 people minimum) as well as workshops for photographers and videographers. A spotter with piercing eyes by diver.

Good bubbles and good pictures.

8000 dives, I am always passionate about this world apart and ready to help you capture it .


2022 Contests

En 2021 I presented  Skelly the skeleton shrimp to a few contests and got a few prices :

Houston underwater film festival : 1st place .

Festival de l'image sous-marine Nouméa : tortue d'or

Festival de l'image sous-marine Mayotte : hippocampe d'or .

Dusseldorf world shootout 2nd place .

Mares Underwater Photo Marathon 2nd place .

Galathea Coup de coeur de Danny .




Jérôme Renaud-Goud