Underwater photo course Bali

Underwater photo course Bali, Tulamben, Amed

Join our award-winning Bali Underwater Photography Course and transform your underwater photography skills.

Led by Jerome, an awarded underwater photographer with over 15 years of experience, this course will help you improve your photo techniques .

You will dive with the comfort of having an instructor and a spotter by your side.

Moreover, are you scared of taking underwater photos or unhappy with the results you're getting?

Let us help you so you'll enjoy great dives but also learn .

Additionally, whether you want to improve your overall photography or specialize in macro photography, our experts will guide you through the process.

In addition, enjoy one-on-one training sessions in a comfortable and supportive environment.

Our experienced spotter will assist your instructor to ensure that you have the best possible training experience.

Furthermore, don't worry about language barriers, all theory will be taught in English.

Lastly, discover a world of amazing creatures and start capturing stunning underwater images.

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underwater photo course in Amed


Underwater photography course Bali, underwater photography course .

The training takes place in four stages :

At the beginning of your Bali Underwater Photo Course, you'll start by determining your photography goals.

Working together, we'll identify the ideal dive type and techniques to improve your skills.

Next, we'll thoroughly examine the essentials of underwater photography with a focus on equipment, techniques, and settings in a comprehensive theoretical section.

Moving on, it's time to put your knowledge into practice with the practical part of the course, diving into Bali underwater world.

To ensure your comfort, you'll be accompanied by a dedicated monitor and spotter.

Later, we'll review and enhance your shots with photo editing software, discussing and improving any images.

This process will help us identify the techniques to improve as well as recognise the good things .

Ultimately, during your Bali Underwater Photo Course, our goal is to not only help you capture stunning shots but also progress and have fun in the process.

Make the best underwater photos possible in Bali

Enhance your underwater photography experience in Bali with our private guide option.

Furthermore, if taking a formal course isn't your style, you can still benefit from the expertise of our private spotter and capture the best shots possible.

Additionally, at our Bali Underwater Photo Course, we're dedicated to ensuring that you have the best photography experience, regardless of your skill level.

Moreover, for an added adventure or to consolidate what you learned during your underwater photo course .

Consider combining your photography activities with a diving safari around Bali undoubtedly the best way to see it all .

With a minimum of 3 participants, you can explore the best dive sites and create unforgettable memories.

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Underwater photography course Bali