Underwater Photography

Underwater photography

You like to take photos but are scared to do it underwater .

You are not pleased with the images you do underwater, we can help you ...

Come enjoy our trainings led by Jerome, award-winning photographer and enthusiast  underwater photographer for over 15 years.

Macro photography specialist, you will discover a world apart inhabited by creatures as diverse as varied.

You can use your equipment or rent the one from the club if you want .

To ensure your comfort and to better enjoy your training you will be one for one with your monitor assisted by a spotter.

Of course the theory will be taught in English.

underwater photography

underwater photography

The training takes place in four stages :

  • First of all, determine your objectives .

Together we will determine the type of dive that is appropriate and the techniques to be improved .

  • Then a theoretical part during which we cover topics that will make you progress .

Equipments, underwater techniques, settings and much more .

  • Obviously follow the practical part at the bottom of the water.

To ensure your comfort you will be alone with your monitor himself assisted by a spotter .

  • Finally we will discuss the clichés made and improve some thanks to photo editing software.

In conclusion, we give ourselves every chance to get beautiful shots but also to progress and especially to have fun.

You can also enjoy the comfort of having a private guide looking for the best shots without training .

Here are some examples of underwater photography taken around Bali .

Jerome, award-winning photographer and especially amateur for ten years will help you discover a world apart in the best conditions possible .

But also will give you tips to improve your technique .

Photos from around Amed