Underwater Video course Bali


Underwater video and scuba diving were difficult before.

But this all have changed .

Now thanks to new technologies, techniques and training diving and making videos has become easy ...

Come enjoy our trainings led by Jerome who is a photographer, award-winning video artist and enthusiastic photographer and underwater videographer for over 15 years.

An underwater video course will help you improve your techniques underwater and in post production .

Macro photography specialist we will help you discover a world apart inhabited by creatures as diverse as varied.

You can use your equipment or rent the club's if you want.

The training can be combined with a Bali diving safari .

To ensure your comfort and to better enjoy your training you will be one for one with your monitor assisted by a spotter.

Of course the theory will be taught in English.



Underwater video course Bali

Underwater videographer


The training of underwater video happens in four stages:

  • First of all, we will figure out  your objectives.

Together we will determine the type of dive that is appropriate and the techniques to be improved.

  • Then a theoretical part during which we cover topics that will make you improve .
  • Obviously will follow the practical part at the bottom of the water.

To ensure your comfort you will be alone with your monitor himself assisted by a spotter.

  • Finally we will use editing software to make a short film.

In conclusion, we give ourselves every chance to obtain very beautiful images but also to realize a work that will surprise us by its quality.

The purpose is to make one short film from beginning to end and learn while doing .

It takes 3 days minimum for video training but 5 days is really better.

Here is an example of our underwater videos :
In these underwater videos all shots were taken around Amed and Tulamben or all around Bali.

This will especially allow you to realize the biodiversity that awaits you .


In order to make quality shots we use Sony, Gopro, Nauticam, Canon, Nikon and Sea and Sea material.

For the editing part, we use the Adobe Premiere Pro software, but if you have another software, we can use it as well.

Here is a little video from our Youtube channel

All of it and more will be part of the course but if you want to learn more ahead, don't hesitate to watch it...